The Rahere Association

Rahere is a charitable association devoted to the welfare of patients and staff at St Bartholomew's Hospital by providing funding and grants.

About the Association

The Rahere Association is a charitable fund devoted to the welfare of patients and staff at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. It takes its name from the priest, Rahere, who founded the Church and Hospital in the year 1123.

The Rahere Association was formed in 1953, and is a registered charity (number 221171). It is managed by a committee of voluntary members, some with a clinical background and others with a business background in the City. The committee meets throughout the year. Grants are made from the funds of the Association, which have been built up from donations and legacies that have been received over many years.

Although St. Bartholomew’s Hospital is now part of a much larger organisation, the Barts Health NHS Trust, the fund continues to benefit patients and staff of St Bartolomew’s Hospital.

Assistance provided for patients

Applications for this type of help usually come from clinical staff who are aware of the needs of patients both in the hospital, travelling to hospital or living at home with conditions which will benefit from the addition of equipment for the home. The committee’s guiding principle is that money they give should enhance the wellbeing of patients.

The committee is well aware that the nature of health care is changing so that many more patients are now coming to the hospital on a day basis, rather than being in-patients, and that there can be a need for assistance in the home to ensure that living at home with a health problem is possible.

Accordingly the committee will consider assistance with travelling costs to hospital. In the home, the committee will consider the provision of equipment to improve and enable living at home with a health problem. For example the association has provided funds for adapted chairs and for refrigerators necessary for the storage of medicines.
Rahere does not have an application form but the Applications section gives guidance as to what the committee would like to know about a patient and has guidelines of what will be considered.

Assistance provided for staff

The fund will consider applications from staff for attendance at courses, where the course will enhance their skills in caring for patients in the hospital.

Grants to the hospital

The fund has made grants to or towards equipment in the hospital, where this will benefit patients and the general amenities of the hospital. The committee will not however fund costs which they would regard as part of the NHS budget.

This is not a definitive list but gives you some idea of the areas where we can help, but please understand that the trustees cannot meet all requests and that grants are at the discretion of the trustees. The fund routinely makes quite small grants and is able to make decisions on grants quickly.

You can make further enquiries by phone or email – see “Contact us” for details

Donations to the Rahere Association

The Rahere Association relies entirely on donations and legacies to fund its work and grant giving. If you would like to make a donation you can do so in one of the following ways:

Donate at our Just Giving page at:

Send a cheque made payable to The Rahere Association to our office address at:

The Rahere Association

St Bartholomew’s Hospital

West Smithfield

London EC1A BE

Or by making a bank transfer directly to our account. Contact us directly for our account details at [email protected]

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