The Rahere Association

Rahere is a charitable association devoted to the welfare of patients and staff at St Bartholomew's Hospital by providing funding and grants.


Guidelines for applications for grants to individual patients

1. When making an application to Rahere, please remember that Rahere is limited by its constitution to making grants to patients and staff of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital only.

Applications on behalf of patients should be made and submitted by a member of Barts staff, or a member of staff from an organisation supporting the patient. We cannot accept applications directly from pateints. 

An application form for patient grant requests can be requested from the Treasurer by email at [email protected]

2. Rahere receives many applications for grants and seeks to be as generous as it can, having regard to its financial resources, but is unable to meet all requests.
Please bear in mind that:-
• Rahere makes grants which relate to or contribute to the medical wellbeing of the patient
• Rahere prefers to make grants towards future expenditure and will not make grants towards settlement     of debts, or the payment of rent or bills, except in very exceptional circumstances. Wherever possible,       we will purchase items on behalf of patients and arrange for delivery to be made to the patient directly.
• Rahere is unlikely to make grants for expenditure which is regarded as normal NHS expenditure
• Rahere does not provide assistance towards fertility treatments
•Rahere may decide in fairness to all applicants to make a contribution to expenditure rather than to pay the whole cost

3. An application should state:-

• the name, address and date of birth of the patient
• confirmation that the patient is a patient of St Bartholomew’s Hospital
• the patient’s medical condition
• the intended purpose of the grant, how it will benefit their medical well being, and the amount requested
• a brief summary of the patient’s financial circumstances and of the immediate family, if appropriate

4. If an application is made for travel expenses, please explain the need for a grant and in particular the mode of transport required, the likely number of trips and their cost. If the application is for taxi fares, please explain why the patient is unable to use public transport or hospital transport. Grants towards patients’ travel fares are capped at £350 or the cost of three months’ fares, whichever is the lower amount.

5. Applications should be made to Rahere at:-
The Rahere Association
St Bartholomew’s Hospital
West Smithfield
London EC1A 7BE

Or by email to [email protected]

Guidelines for applications for grants for staff of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, or for hospital equipment or resources

Members of staff seeking grants, either for themselves (i.e. for conference attendance or training courses), or to fund the purchase of hospital equipment or resources, should contact the Treasurer by email in the first instance with a short description of what the grant is for and the expected cost. Further information may then be sought by the committee who will consider all grant requests.

For further information or for a preliminary discussion please call Rahere on 0203 765 8600 or email [email protected]